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Harness Behavioral and Environmental Data

We collect behavioral and environmental data on who’s watching which video ads, when, where and on what device.

Apply Machine Learning to your Video Media Trading

With direct integration between leading publishers and demand platforms, Vuble offers the ability to deliver videos with guaranteed performance within your existing partner setup.

Reach the same level of awareness that TV provides but with OLV

We optimize supply path and delivery and promise to deliver video ads at the moment that matters: when users are fully engaged

Advanced software

Vuble Analyzer

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Vuble collects billions of data points at a user level to analyze behavior and context while users are watching video ads to derive a rich set of engagement metrics.

Vuble Optimizer

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Vuble Optimizer’s machine learning predicts the ideal video supply and the best moments to optimize user engagement with an ad.

Best performance

Performance forecast accuracy

Average revenues lift for publishers

Average ROI lift for advertisers

Leading advertisers and publishers trust Vuble Software

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